Finally, the power of your Tablet is in the courtroom, and the information you need is right where it should be — at your fingertips.
Trial Notebook
Puts your entire case in the palm of your hand.
Focus on your Oral Argument.
Oral Argument's simple, easy-to-use, intuitive interface puts your entire argument outline at your fingertips.
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TabLit: Trial Notebook

We designed TabLit: Trial Notebook with the intent to allow you to walk into court with only your iPad at your side. Feature-rich and built for trial, this will be the last notebook app you ever need.

Examination OutlinesExamination Outlines No more fumbling through binders in court or looking for exhibits. Collapsible examination outlines give you the freedom to organize your direct and cross examinations for quick, easy access on your tablet.
Examination ChecklistsExamination Checklists Keep track of information brought out during direct and cross examinations with individual checklists for each witness. Be sure you never forget to ask that important question again! Screenshot
Evidentiary ChecklistsEvidentiary Checklists Ever have trouble remembering what evidence has been admitted and what evidence has been excluded? Keep track of everything in once place with our evidence checklist feature. Screenshot
Cross-Reference and AccessCross-Reference and Access Your tablet is supposed to make things easier to access, right? So why flip from page-to-page and app-to-app when you can have everything right in front of you. Create internal cross-references to checklists throughout the app, and then see your trial status in the Master Checklist. Screenshot
Pop-Up WindowsPop-Up Windows Don’t waste your visual space with information that you may not need. Instead, customize text in pop-up windows that let you find additional information with a single tap. Screenshot
Case ContactsCase Contacts Need quick access to witness information, attorney email addresses and the judge’s clerk’s phone number? Now you can store it all right in your trial notebook and access it on the fly. Screenshot

LifeTime UpgradesFree Upgrades

TabLit Applications is committed to bringing
the value of your tablet to the courtroom.

If you have any suggestions for additional features or comments regarding our current features, we would love to hear from you. Below is just a sample of our plans for upcoming versions of TabLit: Trial Notebook:

  • Real-Time, Push-Based Sync of Shared Notebooks
  • Upgraded Evidence Annotation
  • Evidence Presentation Mode
  • User-Defined Notebook Templates